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Battle of Kosovo
Kossovo Article by Sir Arthur John Evans
A little insight is given into what Kosovo means to the Serbs and an explanation also on the meaning of the four “s” that can be found on the Serbian coat of arms.
Kossovo Poem by Witter Bynner
In this poem, written during the First World War, Western solidarity is shown for the Serbs and their cause.
Ottoman Period
For Serbia by Victor Hugo
One of France’s most important writers from the 19th century urges to the European governments to help the Serbs, who by that time had suffered Turkish oppression for centuries and were now being subjected to what can be described as genocide.
Refugees and Rebellious Bosnia by Sir Arthur John Evans
One of the world’s most famous archaeologists, who also happened to be a great Serbophile, shares his experiences from Bosnia and Herzegovina during a critical time for this country.
History in the Poem by Leopold von Ranke
A German, who was regarded as one of the most leading historian during his lifetime, writes about Serbian legends.
Second World War
Article About Draja Mahailovich LATEST
Dragoljub “Draža” Mihailović, the Chetnik leader that the West betrayed when they turned to Tito, is in this article from Time Magazine portrayed as a hero.
The Village of Prebilovci by Michael Jones
Here you can read what the fate was of over 600 women and children from a village in Herzegovina that has become a symbol for Serbian suffering. (http://www.prebilovci.net)
War in Croatia
The Untold Story by Scott Taylor 
A Canadian journalist, who made several trips to the former Yugoslavia during the wars, tells the story about how a group of heroic Canadian soldiers saved the lives of Serbs. (http://www.espritdecorps.ca/)
The Western powers and the collaps of Yugoslavia by Peter Gowan
In this excerpt from The Twisted Road to Kosovo, among other things, it is shown that many countries had in fact to gain from the break-up of Yugoslavia and what exactly the rights were of the Serbs in this country.
Bosnian Civil War
Bush Administration Blocks a Negotiated Settlement by David N. Gibbs 
In this excerpt from the book with the title First Do No Harm, which resembles The Twisted Road to Kosovo by Peter Gowan, it is shown how the Americans in a sense started the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. (http://www.vanderbilt.edu/university-press/)
US intervention: playing the Bosnian card against an emerging German sphere of influence by Peter Gowan
Yet another excerpt from The Twisted Road to Kosovo, where you will see the way in which Bosnia and Herzegovina gained its independence.
Aggression on Serbia
Hypocritical Humanitarianism by Michael Parenti LATEST
The hypocrisy from the West that Michael Parenti exposes here will make it impossible to believe that NATO bombed Serbia for the reasons that were claimed. (http://www.versobooks.com/)
A little bombing to see reason by John Laughland
This excerpt from a book that deals with the trial of Slobodan Milošević is full of facts that show how much the Serbs were demonized by Western governments. (Pluto Press).
The Yugoslav anvil for forging a new Europe by Peter Gowan
In this introduction to The Twisted Road to Kosovo (written in 1999) the Ukrainian crisis was predicted by a very authoritative scholar.
Other Documents
Moral Combat – NATO at War
This is the transcript to a BBC documentary made right after the Kosovo War.
Speech at Gazimestan in 1989
Take a look at Slobodan Milošević’s perhaps most important speech and decide for yourself.
Electronic Books
The Islamic Decleration by Alija Izetbegović
Here you can read why Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Serb population really had to take up arms when the country headed for independence.
The Twisted Road to Kosovo by Peter Gowan
This authoritative work is not only for those who are interested with Yugoslavia, but also those want to know how the politicians at the highest level work, since it explains a lot about NATO.
Summaries of Books
Michael Parenti’s “To Kill a Nation”
Summary written by a student in the United States about a book that reveals a lot of facts about the destruction of Yugoslavia.
Alexekin Rockowia’s Blog
How Jihad Came to the West
In this article, thanks to Western sources, it is shown that the West chose the wrong side in the Bosnian Civil War, a mistake that led to several terrorist attacks, including the attacks on 9/11.
The Delegitimization Campaign Against Nationalists
Parallells are drawn here between communism in the 19th century and today’s nationalism to see how the liberal attempt to delegitimate nationalists will backfire.
Liberals and Their Self-Image – Arrogance, Hypocrisy and Ignorance
Here it is proven that liberals are far from being synonymous with common sense.
Videos of the Wars Archive
Kissinger on the Siege of Sarajevo
Noam Chomsky Mocks Intellectuals or ‘Independent Minds’
David Hackworth Admires Serbian Defiance
The Albanian Lobby in the U.S. Congress and The Hague
Martti Ahtisaari vs. Expert on International Law